Top 10 Most Attractive Football Tournaments Of All Time

There are many different football tournaments in the world that attract a lot of fans to watch and love. Especially with the football matches in history not only bring satisfaction to the viewers but also bring a lot of luck with the betting game, especially the football match. The following article we will share with you the top 10 most attractive football tournaments on the planet. If you are a fan of football, do not miss it! And don't forget to choose a reputable online casino site to start betting!

1. The Premier League - The most attractive football tournament on the planet

The Premier League is the tournament that is considered to be the most dramatic in the world. This is the convergence of many famous football clubs such as Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, etc. The appeal and drama of this tournament is made up of these teams. Besides, the Premier League is not only attractive because of the participation of big teams but also brings its own excitement and prominence.

The teams participating in this tournament have a fairly equal level, so it gives many viewers a lot of surprises. Especially with the power created by the British media, the tournament has the better effect. This promotes the love and passion of the fans in the sport in general and the Premier League in particular.

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2. La Liga - Spain

La Liga is the highest professional football tournament for clubs in Spain. This league has the participant of 20 teams, in which the 3 lowest teams in each league will be relegated to Segunda División. Replacing them will be the top 3 names in the lower division.

In the football tournament system in Spain, this is the most popular tournament in the world. According to statistics, the average number of fans is always at 26,983 in the matches in the 2017-2018 season. This is a football tournament with the audience watching ranks in the top 10 worldwide and ranked 3rd in the league for the club.

Referring to La Liga, football fans will surely remember right here is the residence of the two highest-ranking football teams on the planet: Real Madrid and Barcelona. Besides, this is also where the two most popular names in the football world are Ronaldo and Leo Messi. Fans love this tournament not only by talented people but also because of fairness, transparency, extremely civilized competition. The position of the teams is based on their true ability without any other intervention.

3. Bundesliga - Germany

When it comes to the world's most attractive football tournament, Germany's Bundesliga name cannot be ignored. This is the German national football tournament, held from very early to now, bringing a lot of top games for football fans.

In statistics of football experts in 2011-2012, the average number of Bundesliga spectators in each match was 45,116 people. It can be seen that this is a national championship tournament with the most watched fans in the world. Especially the matches with the presence of Borussia Dortmund with an average of 80,521 viewers watching directly.

Especially, the matches of the Bundesliga are very passionate, dramatic and bring appeal that not every tournament has. Especially, audiences will be satisfied with the top games of the world. 

4. Serie A - Italy

Serie A - Italy is a professional football league at the club level. This league has been active for more than 80 years since the first season in 1929-1930. Serie A is considered one of the most attractive football leagues in the world and is known for its high level of tactics.

The German football tournament has three of the most famous clubs: Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan. These are all co-founders of G-14 - the representative group of Asian football clubs. Serie A usually starts the tournament in September and ends around May next year. There are two rounds played in each season, the first round is called andata, the second round is ritorno. A total of 380 matches for all teams. That is, each team will have 38 matches in a season.

5. Portuguese Liga - Portugal's most attractive football tournament

This football tournament of Portugal is known for two important teams, FC Porto and Benfica. These are the two strongest opponents in Portuguese Liga. FC Porto and Benfica are also two names representing Portuguese football competed in the Champions League. Although this tournament has not really been invested, it still brings many interesting things to the viewers.

It can be seen that Portugal is a country with many football leagues for the clubs. It has also received great attention from most fans. According to UEFA, the country's leagues always keep high positions in the world rankings. This is a very happy thing for the fans of this country's teams.

6. FIFA World Cup - World football championship

When it comes to the attractive football tournaments in the world, FiFa World Cup cannot be ignored. This is the largest football tournament on the planet with the participation of all teams from 5 continents. Especially the participating teams must go through many fierce matches to win the lucky ticket. This tournament is held every 4 years. Most teams in the world want to participate in this big tournament.

The FIFA World Cup is home to many of the best teams from many countries to compete. The championship cup will be awarded to the team that will defeat all remaining opponents. Mastering the football world is one of the positions that every team dreams of. Because of this goal, the competition and competition of the participating teams became more fierce and more intense.

7. UEFA Champions League 

The UEFA Champions League is the European Championship football tournament for clubs in this region. The tournament is held continuously every year by the Union of European Football Associations. The UEFA Champions League is listed as one of the most popular football leagues in the world.

It can be seen that this is an arena that the biggest clubs in Europe always want to join. This tournament is organized in several rounds, starting from the qualifying round to the rounds of the draw teams. The final round will be held in May every year. The team that wins will get a ticket to attend the UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup or Euro Cup 2021.

8. Brazilian Serie A - Brazil

This is a professional football tournament for teams in Brazil. Brazilian Serie A is at the top of the football league system in this country, so many people are interested in watching. This tournament has the participation of 20 clubs, operating with the rise and fall of Campeonato Brasileiro Série B.

Brazilian Serie A is the place to create many of the world's football talents with players like: Ronaldo, KaKa, Ronaldinh, etc. Football in Brazil is always delicate, attractive and very beautiful, etc that makes football enthusiasts love it. It can be said that Brazil and these world-class leagues set the stage for the development of football talents. Although in recent years there has been a decline in talent, this tournament still holds its position in the hearts of fans.

9. Eredivisie - Netherlands

Eredivisie is the biggest tournament of Netherlands football. In this tournament, the teams will have an extremely interesting playing field, fair competition, showing their talents. First organized in 1897, this tournament is now ranked as the best quality football tournament in Europe by UEFA.

This tournament is also a very good choice for new players entering the career to participate in the competition. Despite not having the supporters like other tournaments, Eredivisie is the convergence of many young and talented players. The matches here always have a high goal rate.

10. AFC Champions League

This is also the championship football tournament of Asian clubs. However, this tournament is organized by Asian Football Confederation for the national champions league football clubs. There are 32 clubs participating in each season, high and low matches from the group stage. The strongest team will have the opportunity to represent AFC clubs for the World Cup.


As you can see, there are many football leagues in the world today. The above article is the top 10 most attractive football tournaments on the planet of all time. These are all football matches with quality, attractiveness, drama that you should not ignore. You can refer to this information to promptly track and participate in big bets. Your chances of winning football betting will be huge when you wager on big tournaments. You can refer to more match information at reputable online casino Singapore like to get more details. Good luck!

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